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Help Eileen

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 A Care Plan is very important and should be updated on a regular basis
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May 12th

Citizens for Quality Health Care - Everyone has been itching to help Eileen and Trevor Wicks. Now is our chance.  A Go Fund Me has been set up to assist Eileen with  legal fees. Let's see what we can all do together!  Please spread far and wide and on social media too. Lois, Rich and Joanne.


Three ways to access the Go Fund Me campaign - Free Eileen Wicks from forced detention:

1. Click on this Go Fund Me campaign link: Free Eileen Wicks from forced detention

2. Click on this URL:

3. Go to the GoFundMe website and do a search for the name Eileen Wicks

Note:  People who wish to make an anonymous donation must check the box “Don’t display my name publicly on the campaign.” before completing their donation form.

Develop a Care Plan that Enhances
           a Person's Quality of Life
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Please support the Walk for Alzheimer's on May 29th
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