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Abuse of power

 Island Health Authority is using corruption and cover-up to take away seniors' rights

Learn how the health system plays the courts, to pocket hundreds of thousands of  taxpayers dollars.

How Does a Health Authority have the Power to Act as Judge Jury and Executioner?

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The three minute video below gives an overview into the level of corruption involved

This link is to a short presentation by lawyer Allan Garber with very interesting information.

On January 3rd 2024 Eileen makes a one minute plea for release of custody

The Adult Guardianship Act is often used or abused by authorities to incarcerate individuals.

Here're a sampling of articles covering the story:

Other cases:

It took Debbie three months to find her husband Vern, locked away without trace.


There are more issues of unlawful confinement

Debbie and Vern met in 2009, and they were married in 2012.

     Vern had health issues and was hospitalized in January 2023. He was moved from NRGH (Nanaimo Regional General Hospital) to an undisclosed location in May 2023. Island Health refused to inform his wife where he was taken. It took Debbie 3 months to find her husband, who had been moved to the Eagle Park facility in Qualicum Beach.

     Since Vern was moved, his health has deteriorated rapidly. Debbie has only been allowed very limited visits with her husband. And now she is not allowed to visit Vern at all.

My husband had Alzheimer's and was illegally certified in 2017 and held in the Jubilee while I fought for six months to get him back home. A savvy lawyer finally helped me do that. I don't know you, Trevor, but I do know how you feel. It's a long, draining fight. If you do get Eileen home, things will be harder than they were before all this started, and I hope you will have the support you and Eileen will need. My heart is with you.

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A quote from Rob Wipond's book (pg 16)

"From 2005-2016, British Columbia's population grew by only 6% but its involuntary patients doubled to nearly 20,000 annually.’.

Celebration in March Denied
The short video below shows the cruelty

Have you or anyone close to you been a victim of the Health Authority? If so, write in and share your story.


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