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Eileen’s story

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Eileen and Trevor Wicks have been together as a loving couple since 1962

Island Health Authority intervened on January 12th 2022, separated the couple, without just cause or reasonable explanation.


Eileen has been securely confined by Island Health since that time, in inappropriate accommodations, against her will and her advanced directive. The couple’s rights and freedoms have been disregarded and appointed lawyers and the court system of BC, have ignored the couples well being.

The two short videos below show Eileen Locked in NRGH and Eagle Park institution in 2024  

Eileen and Trevor Wicks hold the Island Health Authority culpable for causing physical, psychological and financial harm to themselves and others.

These pictures were taken in the fall of 2021 and early 2022

Eileen has had mild dementia for several years and has benefited from walking and keeping very active outdoors.

One outdoor activity that keeps us useful is picking up litter from trails and beaches.


In April 1968 we arrived in Canada from England the PDF buttons links to the full life storybook

Leaving England.JPG

The pictorial book is in two parts for faster loading.

Part 1                      Part 2

We started singing together in 1962 and have regularly entertained around the community. Just before Christmas 2021 we recorded a medley of 44 songs at a professional studio. We produced a 17 minute video with us singing.

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